Organic & Traditional Lawn Care

DGM Landscaping & Lawn Care provides its customers with the ability to keep their lawn and shrubs looking greener and healthier all year round. Our highly-trained staff works hard to prevent and treat diseases and weeds from entering each customer’s property. DGM will provide your property with a comprehensive service of organic or traditional fertilizers to keep the plants looking their best.

Get started today with a complimentary lawn and shrubbery analysis. From there, DGM can set you up with a program to fit your budget and properties needs.

Lawn Care Services

The key to implementing a successful organic lawn care program is consistency. Bee Safe offers a patent pending six-step program that is customized to your lawn. Based on your lawns needs we will help you select one of our three programs to help your lawn reach its full genetic potential…without the use of polluting chemicals.

Silver Program

A six step, liquid based organic lawn care program that will not only feed your turf but also converts your soil into an environment rich with organic matter and biological activity.

Gold Program

Because we believe aeration is such an important part of having a successful organic lawn we simply add this service to the program. Your aeration will be performed at the right time of year depending on turf type.

Platinum Program

When converting from a chemical approach or starting a lawn maintenance program for the first time we strongly suggest you start here. The Bee Safe Organic Gold Program is an all-inclusive premier program that is golf course and professional sports field quality. We truly believe this program is the best in the professional lawn care industry today!