Tree, Shrubs & Flowers Care

Enhancing and protecting the plants around your home is a priority for most. DGM offers tree and shrub treatment services that are based on a completely chemical free approach that takes the same philosophy and product choices into consideration as our lawn care program.

Benefits of our Tree Shrub& Flower Program is:

  • Increases plant resistants to enviroment extremes (heat,drought,cold)
  • Stimulate root growth, root development and enhances root architecture
  • Enhances photosynthetic capcity of plants
  • Natural Insect and disease protection
  • Natural Bio-Stimulation to promote more colorful flowers and blooms

Plant health care programs that rely completely on the application of chemicals have actually caused more harm than good to existing ornamentals. When a plant is forced to grow much more rapidly than nature intended it to a recipe for insect and disease infestations is created. DGM's Natural Plant Health Care Programs will protect your landscape ornamentals without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.